The 20 Best Baby Shower Games (that will make you happy)

Baby showers are known for the merry environment they promote. Everyone in the party is very glad for the couple that will be parents in a few months, and the joy is regularly demonstrated while the assistants participate in fun games that have to do with the coming baby.

If you are going to be a parent soon and are planning a baby shower to welcome your baby to your family and friends, you will probably want to include some games to make the celebration more fun.

  1. So, keep reading, because we will give you a list of the 20 best baby shower games.
    1. Guess the baby’s gender
    2. Feed the baby
    3. Paper Plate Baby Sketch
    4. ABC’s Book
    5. Drinking contest
    6. “Dirty Diaper” Tasting
    7. No Saying “Baby”
    8. Births in a cup
    9. Toilet paper diaper
    10. Blind Diaper Change
    11. Onesies Design contest
    12. Parent quiz
    13. Guess the belly size
    14. Guess the baby food
    15. Guess the items in the bag
    16. Guess the baby
    17. Baby Props Contest
    18. Baby songs counting
    19. Price Guessing
    20. Play-Doh baby creation

So, keep reading, because we will give you a list of the 20 best baby shower games.

Guess the baby’s gender

Do not reveal your baby’s gender yet; first, let all your assistants guess which gender they think the baby will be. Once all have voted, reveal the answer. Many will be surprised.

Feed the baby

baby shower games Feed the baby

This is one of the most popular baby shower games and is worth mentioning. Make several teams of two persons (preferably couples). Every participant should receive a large bib. Then one of them will try to feed the other one with a jar of applesauce and a spoon, while both are totally blindfolded. Seeing how other adults spill applesauce all over them will make the rest enjoy a lot.

Paper Plate Baby Sketch

The rules are very easy: the participants will have to draw a baby on a paper plate with a marker. The thing is the plates will be on their heads! The resulting ‘masterpieces’ will assure endless laughs.

ABC’s Book

This game is really fun, even though it seems very elementary school-like. The participants will have to draw a picture for each letter of the alphabet. For example, for “A”, draw an acorn. At the end, a large alphabet book will be completed.

Drinking contest

Another game that can easily be considered as one of the most famous baby shower games of all. All the contestants will receive a baby bottle filled with any beverage (if all contestants are adults, alcoholic beverages is a common choice). The first one to drink it completely wins.

“Dirty Diaper” Tasting

It is not as gross as it sounds. You’ll only have to fill a newborn-size diaper with any melted chocolate candies inside. Each contestant shall taste, smell or observe each diaper and try to guess which candy it contains. Of course, the one who guesses correctly is the winner.

No Saying “Baby”

At the entrance of the shower, give a diaper pin to each assistant and make him/her wear it on his/her shirt. After all the assistants have arrived to the place, announce to everyone that saying “baby” is forbidden throughout the party, or at least until the gift opening. Any person that hears other say “baby” can take their pin. The one with more pins at the end will win a special prize.

Births in a cup

The night before the party, place little plastic babies in the middle of ice cubes. Later, in the shower, place one ice cube in each assistant’s (or participant) cup. The one who first melts completely wins. On another hand, you can also modify the game a little by asking for estimated times for the ice cube to melt completely, and the person who has the closest guess wins.

Toilet paper diaper

Make two teams of few contestants on each side. The objective is to wrap a roll of toilet paper on one of the contestants to try to make a mock diaper, in a lapse of five minutes. The team that makes the best improvised diaper wins the contest. It will be hilarious to see how grown-ups wrap another grown up in toilet paper, and the final result is even funnier.

Blind Diaper Change

Set some dolls on a large table with real diapers on. Then, make some contestants change their diapers by removing the actual one and placing another, after breaking them into several teams. But it is not as easy: the contestants will be blindfolded. The team that changes all the dolls’ diapers in less time is the winner.

Onesies Design contest

Buy enough onesies of different sizes and place them on cardboards. Give each contestant fabric paint and paint brushes and let them draw their own designs on the clothing. Once finished, you will have many cute clothes for your baby that will remind you of the person who decorated it at the same time. It is a great idea, and will be fun for each contestant.

Parent quiz

Even though this activity is not considered a game, it will make the assistants have a blast. Just make a quiz with many questions for the future parents. The questions should make the assistants have a great time, and know more about the events that led to the creation of a new baby – even though with not so many details.

Guess the belly size

Lend a large strip of yarn to some contestants and a pair of scissors. They will have to try to guess the mother’s belly measurement by cutting the amount of yarn they think that will go around her belly precisely. The one who gets the most precise measurement will win the contest.

Guess the baby food

Grab some baby food jars and rip the labels off. The contestants will try to guess what baby food it is by tasting them. The most selective taste buds will receive the award.

Guess the items in the bag

Put different baby objects in a diaper bag, like rattles, baby bottles and so on. Later, without looking onto the bag, the contestants shall stick their hands in the bag and touch all they can to try and guess which objects are in there. Who guesses more will win.

Guess the baby

Make the assistants take with them some pictures when they were babies. Place all those pictures, unidentified, on a large chart. After that, make some assistants pass on and try to guess who is who. It will make all the guests have a really good time, laughing along with the incorrect guesses and the correct ones as well.

Baby Props Contest

Ask for your assistants to make a simple baby prop decoration that will be spectacular in the photo session. These props will also be excellent to keep as a souvenir of that wonderful occasion.

Baby songs counting

Contestants shall guess the most songs with “Baby” in the title. Not only does it exercise memory, but also is a fun activity that will make everyone have a great time.

Price Guessing

Make a list of baby items and let the contestants try to guess how much each item costs. The total of all prices shall not be larger than the real one; the closest guess wins the match.

Play-Doh baby creation

It is very easy, but is hilarious as well. Make some contestants create their own baby sculptures with Play-Doh, and give prizes for the best creations. This game assures hard laughs.

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