15 Of The Most Original And Simple Crafts For Christmas

Christmas craft

In the Christmas season are very common the gray days in which it is better to stay at home. For many, this seems the ideal plan since they can spend all day huddled watching movies, but for others, this can be a nightmare where boredom lasts for endless hours.

One of the best things that you can do on a day like these is a Christmas craft. It does not matter if the goal is to decorate the house or make low budget gifts for friends and family. Making a simple and adorable Christmas craft is an excellent idea to spend a pleasant time during the holidays.

Here I present a list of the most beautiful and original ideas that I found this year. Most are quite simple to do and all you have to do to see the complete steps is to click on the link:

  1. 1. Holiday character candy pots:
  2. 2. Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf Craft:
  3. 3. Pinecone Christmas trees:
  4. 4. Jingle bell snowflake ornaments:
  5. 5. Deer Head 3D DIY :
  6. 6. Quilted Tree Skirt:
  7. 7. Snow globes:
  8. 8. Jingle Bell Pom Pom Yarn Wreath:
  9. 9. Hot Chocolate Ornaments:
  10. 10. Christmas Village:
  11. 11. Christmas Tree Ornament:
  12. 12. Santa Beard:
  13. 13. Illuminated snowmen:
  14. 14. Advent Calendar:
  15. 15. Coffee-Filter Garland:

1. Holiday character candy pots:

Christmas craft Holiday Candy

If you want to recycle the old pots that were left over during the year this idea is great for you. The idea is to turn them into Christmas characters. It does not take long and is ideal to do with small children. crazylittleprojects.com

2. Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf Craft:

Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf Craft

If you are a lover of the North Pole and its inhabitants, this option is for you. Fill your house with these friendly elves and feel as if you were in the North Pole. The possibilities to personalize them are endless and you could even consider painting them like every member of your family. artycraftykids.com

3. Pinecone Christmas trees:

Pinecone Christmas trees

This idea is ideal for those who live in forested regions. It is a highly ecological way to transform the pinecones into beautiful ornaments that you can use to decorate the house or to offer them as gifts to your loved ones. babble.com

4. Jingle bell snowflake ornaments:

Jingle bell snowflake ornaments

It's about making with some wire, slopes and bells, snowflakes that you can hang on doors or your Christmas tree. It is a slightly more complicated craft ideal for those who seek a real challenge. crazylittleprojects.com

5. Deer Head 3D DIY :

Deer Head 3D DIY

Do not be scared! I promise you that no animal will get hurt with this craft. The idea is to make with any type of cardboard the head of a reindeer that we can then decorate in any way. Show maker

6. Quilted Tree Skirt:

Quilted Tree Skirt

If you love to sew and have fabrics that you have left over the year, an excellent idea is to use them to make the skirt of your Christmas tree. It may take a little time, but it is an excellent project that you can use to spend quality time with those you love. joann.com

7. Snow globes:

DIY snow globes

We all love the magic of snow globes. They can transport us to good memories or make us feel as if we were inside a story. With this tutorial, you can make your own snow globes with just glass jars and glitter. crazylittleprojects.com

8. Jingle Bell Pom Pom Yarn Wreath:

Jingle Bell Pom Pom Yarn Wreath

This idea is super simple to do. It's basically about sticking cotton pompoms on a base to create a beautiful Christmas ornament that you can hang on any of your doors. If you are looking for a quick and easy craft, this is the best option for you. joann.com

9. Hot Chocolate Ornaments:

Hot Chocolate Ornaments


Replace the gingerbread houses with these original ornaments. They are basically plastic balls that when you fill them with chocolate powder, candy and marshmallows becomes a small individual kit to make hot chocolate. It is an excellent and original idea to serve the dessert for your guests. goodhousekeeping.com

10. Christmas Village:

Christmas Village With Wood Birdhouses

With some birdhouses, you can make a spectacular Christmas village. All you have to do is to paint and decorate the houses with bright colors and glitter. Put your imagination to fly and make more crazy designs. joann.com

11. Christmas Tree Ornament:

Christmas Tree Ornament whit buttons

Make the silhouette of a Christmas tree on a green fabric and then decorate it with colored buttons. There can not be a simpler craft. handsonaswegrow.com

12. Santa Beard:

santa beard Preschooler Craft

With just one sheet of paper, cotton specks, popsicles, and glue you can make a beard of Santa Claus that you can wear as if it were a mask. This craft is ideal if you want to make a photo corner for your Christmas dinner. You can make several beards so your guests can take a picture with the best style of the north pole. eastcoastmommyblog

13. Illuminated snowmen:

The objective of this craft is to convert mini LED candles into faces of snowmen and then hang them on your Christmas tree. You can make frosty and his whole family, the Simpsons, the members of your favorite band, etc. Again, the possibilities are endless. https://goo.gl/bCcM9F

14. Advent Calendar:

Make the countdown to Christmas Day totally fun and special for your family making your own Advent Calendar. Believe me, putting it together is extremely simple and the final result may be a work of art that you will wish to keep for the next year. celebrationideasonline.com


15. Coffee-Filter Garland:

Coffee Filter Garland

We've all seen garlands made out of popcorn, candies and even rattles, but have you ever seen one made of coffee filters? The result is simply spectacular since it seems that the garland is made of giant flowers. Everyone will think it's a sophisticated ornament bought in a store. countryliving.com


These are just a few of hundreds of ideas. Do not waste time and effort trying to make your creations look the same as the photo of the tutorials. The beauty of Christmas crafts is that everyone can give their own personal touch. Remember that there is always room for creativity and innovation. So if these crafts inspired you to make your own project Go ahead! It may be that many people end up liking it.

It does not matter if the cold freezes us, now that we already have inspiration we only need glue, scissors, paint and a lot of enthusiasm to spend a fun time together with our loved ones. Let's do it!

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