10 Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve

10 Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve

You know Christmas is about to come when you start to see mistletoes, snowmen, and decorations everywhere. The festive atmosphere is contagious and invades all areas of daily life. Sometimes, among the wide range of activities, it can be really difficult to decide what to do on one of the most important nights of the year. It does not matter if you're going to be alone or surrounded by hundreds of relatives, there's always something fun to do on Christmas Eve.

Don’t fall into the panic if you don’t know what to do. Plan the activities of this special night with the mentality of having a good time. It can be easy, you only have to be a  Little open mided for having a wonderful night.

Let's leave out the worn-out traditions and movie clichés. If you really want to give a different touch to your evening, here are some ideas:

  1. 1. Make your own Christmas Decorations:
  2. 2. Cookie Contest 2.0:
  3. 3. Sing along:
  4. 4. Organize a treasure hunt:
  5. 5. Attend a cultural event:
  6. 6. Guess that Christmas song:
  7. 7. Participate in a volunteer:
  8. 8. Mister Jo Jo Jo:
  9. 9. Look at a Christmas classic:
  10. 10. Show your best steps:

1. Make your own Christmas Decorations:

christmas decoration

Let's face it, the Christmas tree balls are outdated. What if this year the Christmas tree looks a bit different? With some glue, scissors, old cereal boxes, and craft material, you can organize a table where you and your guests spend the night making fun decorations for your tree. The possibilities are endless, from recreating posters of your favorite movies to this year memes.

look at these Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations

2. Cookie Contest 2.0:


If you are more into food, test your significant others baking skills. The idea is that each guest brings a small amount of cookies that everyone can try. Then, everyone votes and the winner is crowned as the sweetest of the year. For a special touch, you can create honorable mentions such as more original shape, better texture, etc.

Here are some original ideas from Martha's Favorite Cookie contest

3. Sing along:

Sing along christmas

Have you never gone tired of listening to the same Christmas songs year after year? Go ahead and create a new carol with your family and friends! The idea is that each one creates a verse so at the end you have a song. Use common objects such as cans, buckets, and bottles as your instruments. Don’t forget to record the final result! Believe me that even if it is not a masterpiece it will be a good memory for the following years.

4. Organize a treasure hunt:

treasure hunt christmas

We all know that gifts play an important role tonight, but do not you find it too boring to just deliver them? Add excitement to the night and hide the presents. Make a series of clues that connect with each other to give your loved ones a fun experience you will never forget. Just do not forget to adapt the difficulty of the tracks to the age of the person who is playing.

5. Attend a cultural event:


During Christmas Eve, you can find hundreds of cultural events that can vary from parades, theater performances, and concerts. Regardless if you belong to a different religion, attending this type of representations allows you to know another aspect of your culture. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet people and interact with them.

Here are 10 great places to get that holiday groove on from coast-to-coast

6. Guess that Christmas song:

Guess that Christmas song

There's nothing better than a game that keeps the excitement of the party. Create a playlist of Christmas carols and invite your guests to try to guess the name of the song. Who says it first wins. If you want to add a bit of difficulty, add songs from other decades that are not as popular. You will see how your guests will do anything to try to be the first one to guess and if nobody knows the song at least you have contributed to expand the musical culture of your significant others.

7. Participate in a volunteer:

Although on Christmas Eve we always want to share with our friends and family, on this date it is also customary to show support to those who need the most. Participating in a charity event is an excellent plan to do as a family. Children learn that the holidays are not only based on gifts and acquire the value of solidarity. It will not take you more than a few hours and eventually you will return home with the pleasant feeling of having done something good for someone else.

8. Mister Jo Jo Jo:

If your Christmas plans are based on spending an evening with your friends, a great idea is to make a contest of the representation of Santa Claus. The idea is that each guest should think about their own version of this character by changing the traditional stereotype. At the end, everyone presents their version of Santa Claus and the most original wins. This game challenges the imagination of the participants and you can see versions as crazy as the Santa sailor or the rapper Claus.

9. Look at a Christmas classic:

Christmas has been the inspiration for hundreds of stories that range from the most incredible adventures to the most touching tales. Another plan that never fails for Christmas eve is to look with your loved ones a good Christmas movie. There are available in all genres and for all ages. Don’t forget to prepare some popcorn and hot chocolate.

10. Show your best steps:

Party people outdoors holding f

If there is no shyness within your family, challenge them to a dance contest. It does not matter if it's a choreography or improvised steps in the middle of the living room. This is an extremely fun activity that can teach you the hidden talents of the people around you. To add some difficulty, you can use some choreography videos that your guests should follow. If there is a lot of snow where you live, I promise you that after this you will forget the cold.

Still not knowing what to choose, right? Breathe!  The idea is to spend a different night in which you can celebrate the love of your family and the good wishes you want for yourself and to others. Don’t stress to plan what to do this Christmas eve, in the simple things the best memories are created. Happy Holidays!

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