15 Paw Patrol Party Games, Activities & Crafts Ideas

Any thoughts on how your kids Birthday party can turn into a fun event? How about if you can also do it with budget friendly ideas? Stick around and learn how to throw the best part batch ever doing easy and original ideas along with our beloved Paw Patrollers.
“No jobs too big…” -For parents to throw the best birthday party ever and here's some ideas how to DIY some funny games, arts and crafts that kids will simply loves, both indoors and outdoors,

  1. 1. Paw Patrol Party Supplies
  2. 2. Pinata
  3. 3. Photo Booth
  4. 4. Party Games by Character
  5. 5. Coloring Pages
  6. 6. Dog Bone and Badge Decorating Craft
  7. 7. Fire knock down game
  8. 8. Pin the Badge on Marshall
  9. 9. Paw Patrol Bingo
  10. 10. Scavenger Hunt
  11. 11. Paper Airplanes (Skye)
  12. 12. Construction dig (Rubble)
  13. 13. Recycle arts and crafts
  14. 14. Dog Adoption
  15. 15. Pup Boogie Game

1. Paw Patrol Party Supplies

This is the part where we can get a little bit lost, but that’s why the internet and online shopping is for, Amazon has an entire section of supplies themed, and our favourite pups are fully included. Amazon's supplies List (Via: Amazon).
Also some beautiful and Affordable party supplies (via: Wallmark). That will make you look like a pro.
Invitations are an important part of the event, and here we tell you how to send the best online and printable invitation ideas Paw Patrol Printable Invitations.

2. Pinata

What's a party without a pinata? This traditional activity can became a success, and here we can tell you how to make you own out of a cardboard: How to build your own pinata.

3. Photo Booth

This is a pretty cool activity among kids nowadays and it gives us so many cool memories as well,these cool printables are available for us to use on Pinterest Photoboot Printables.
Another Pop-tastic DIY idea can be to make your own Photoarc. Just click on the link to know how.

(Via Pinterest).

4. Party Games by Character

One of the cool things on a party is the fun role playing games, you can just set up a table with tiny papers on a bowl and made them choose a piece of paper witch will tell them what characters they will be playing and what they have to do. or you can go all out with Amazing DIY Badges.
You can also find great Party Games Paw Patrol Kits on Wallmark budget friendly, so we can concentrate on the fun.

5. Coloring Pages

This is a cool, quiet and easy-to-make activity, it doesn't need a lot of supplies, Paw Patrol Coloring Book Printables. (via Pinterest).
Another way is to get some Coloring books (via: wallmark).

paw patrol coloring books

6. Dog Bone and Badge Decorating Craft

Draw a bone on a piece of paper and with help of a pair of scissors cut the outline of the bone, and give each one of them a bone to decorate, you can use recyclable materials, glitter, pom poms or even some stickers.

The badges can be found online as well, available for everyone and also printable so kids can color and decorate the badges and logos however they want to, you can also ask them how they will like the color of any of the pups badges should be according to them, and that can trigger on the creativity and as well as the fun.

(Via: Pinterest)

7. Fire knock down game

This is a cool and fun idea to play with, use red cups and draw some flames on them, place the cups to look like a fire and tell them they need to put out the fire, here's an idea how to place the Fire cups.

8. Pin the Badge on Marshall

Place some Art and Craft Materials on the table and tell their imagination to do the rest, this is surely a pup-tastic idea.

This Pin the Badge on Marshall idea can be very popular, and it can be applied to the other pups as well.

9. Paw Patrol Bingo

One of the popular indoors activity is to play can also be good old Bingo, no one can resist! If you’re into this amazing idea here’s some Printable Bingo papers you can take via pinterest to make it more interesting.
You can also use beans or recyclable craft as the bingo pieces.

10. Scavenger Hunt

This game is an undeniable hit. There’s so many clues you can hide all around your how to make an amazing hunt using the Paw Patrol Badges.
Also you can draw some bones and hang them with clues hidden, coded message and so many other cool drawings,

11. Paper Airplanes (Skye)

Place some color paper on the table and teach them how to fold the piece of paper until they learn how to make paper airplanes, tell them to color it and this quiet activity will guarantee hours of fun.

12. Construction dig (Rubble)

Dig up some holes and hide cool themed objects, with the best Rubble Dig style theme, and make a list with all the objects they need to find.


13. Recycle arts and crafts

This game can be a teachable amazing moment to raise consciousness about recycling, the only thing you need to do is place some recycling art and craft around the house and they can let their imagination do the best creations ever.


14. Dog Adoption

This is one of the most adorables ideas, it is all about placing several stuffed animals on a basket and letting them decide which puppy they want to adopt, they can also decorate their new pups collar with recyclable craft, give them names and all.
If you need any help about where to find them here’s a great idea to click in Stuffed puppy dolls (via: Amazon)


15. Pup Boogie Game

As we all know one of the favorite games the puppies like to play is the pup pup boogie, so this is the perfect opportunity to recreate such an amazing dance, if you’re wondering how to find this song you can go the the Nickelodeon official website and search for the printable song,it shows how to dance along step by step. (Via: Nickelodeon)


(Via: Pinterest)

May the fun never ends with this awesome Paw patrol party games ideas, for safe indoors and outdoors activities that will make every party guest happy and ready to celebrate and play along.

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