Ideas to Celebrate a Frozen Disney birthday party

Frozen is the most beautiful movie Disney has created in years. Demand for decorating ideas, invitations, party items and costumes frozen is great because girls now dream of having the original Ideas to Celebrate a Frozen Disney birthday party.

This will be a beautiful celebration that will surprise every one of her friends and say it was the best birthday party they have ever seen.

We have thought about making work easier with our ideas and tips for organizing this event and make a Frozen birthday party girls will never forget.

Ideas to Celebrate a Frozen Disney birthday party

Here we will offer suggestions of what you need decorating tables, plates, cake, decorations, snacks and surprises.

We have fun organizing and planning this original Frozen princess party.

  1. What do I need to hold a birthday party with Original Frozen disney princess?
  2. Start Celebrate a Frozen Disney birthday party Decoration
  3. Surprise birthday party for Frozen
  4. Games and activities for a birthday party Frozen

What do I need to hold a birthday party with Original Frozen disney princess?

To convert your house or where you will take the party to the world of Anna, Elsa and Olaf, you'll need some special ideas. In addition to all theme party items frozen and you should also consider making some decorations to enhance the space where you can organize the party. Follow some of the ideas that we offer:

  • Sound the Frozen music during the party or places the Frozen DVD girls will love.
  • Dress up the owner of the party with a cute costume Frozen, you can also consider giving guests the cute pin with a frozen figure.
  • The queen of the party should be special and the best idea is to wear a crown Frozen lida.
  • Sprinkle glitter and paper snowflakes on the table and you can use snow spray for a more realistic effect.
  • Do not miss a cute pinata Fronzen


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Start Celebrate a Frozen Disney birthday party Decoration

Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorations Frozen Party:

Recreate a scene from the movie Frozen with images of life-size cardboard Anna, Elsa and Olaf and Sven and Olaf together in Frozen Castle. Kids will have fun posing for pictures with cardboard characters. These images will be big surprises.

Use personalized welcome banners character, adds color and feel of the film Frozen.

image from Precious moments decoration


Place clusters of metallic balloons filled with helium Frozen to float on the subject meza small blue and silver balloons filled with a weight and not be subject to rise.

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Prepare a large mural with a winter scene to give the appearance of being in the middle of winter without the cold. This will be the perfect background to place the decorated table full of snacks, sweets and great Frozen cake.

Surprise birthday party for Frozen

Remember how exciting it is for each girl to go home with a goodie bag cute princess Frozen full of toys and treats.


You can buy 16-ounce glasses with designs Frozen or too small bottles with Frozen design in various colors and fill them with candy.


A nice surprise would give them a cute snowball glass design Frozen, will love having this party favor in their rooms.

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Games and activities for a birthday party Frozen

Marshmallow Snowmen or Marshmallow: make all children to participate in this activity. Prepare a bowl filled with marshmallows, gumdrops small colored sticks and crackers that they serve to arm themselves with a snowman candy, you can have some ready to serve their model. These treats can be part of the snacks that are served during the party.

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Frozen Game: This is a perfect game for a party of Frozen. It will be a special game if all children are wearing a costume of Frozen.

If you do not remember what this is we will explain. It is choose one of the children who will have to catch the others and the touch must say the word "frozen" the trapped child must sit still motionless and frozen, when the child finishes to catch or freeze all you can choose the child will be the start again catch all. This will be very difficult if there are many children and others can thaw their peers.



Place the nose snowman: it is a variation of the game put the tail on the donkey. Use your creativity and some paper to make your snowman snow like Olaf and paste to a place on the wall where children can play in peace.



Custom birthday invitations princess Frozen

If you have the time and are very creative we are sure that you can create some very original homemade invitations like these examples.



But we also bring a very interesting alternative and all your guests will be impressed with our personalized birthday invitations with photo Frozen princess. In this invitation you can include all the details of the party and the name of your daughter designed with a special font that very special touch our invitations as you can see the example



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