Best Minnie Mouse Birthday Party ideas

One of the most popular kid party’s themes is without any doubt Minnie Mouse, Mickey and Minnie are the most traditional Disney characters and it is an ideal theme for a small children birthday party.

If you want to know some ideas to make the best Minnie Mouse Birthday Party you should keep reading this article.


  1. All you need for your Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
  2. Table Decorating Ideas
  3. Minnie Mouse Favor ideas
  4. Minnie Mouse main table
  5. Minnie Mouse cake ideas
  6. Minnie Mouse incredible invitations

All you need for your Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

First you will have to look for Minnie Mouse Party supplies, such as plates, paper cups, napkins, balloons, decorations and everything you can imagine to make it look as professional as possible, a good idea is to by stuff with the colors that combine well with the Minnie Mouse character colors and the general decoration, for example red and white, or pink and purple, it depends of the version of the drawing, you could use this tip when buying balloons and tablecloths.


A good idea is to buy all the supplies on internet with enough anticipation in websites such as Amazon and Ebay, this way you can safe a considerable amount than buying them in local stores, or you can also create them on your own using a lot of creativeness and imagination, here are some ideas you could use.


Table Decorating Ideas

An easy, creative and inexpensive way to decorate the tables is by using a big styrofoam ball for the head and two small ones for the ears, paint them with black acrylic painting, and add a big pink bow, put everything together using silicone, then use a stick and insert it at the bottom so it can be set in a piece of foam inside a base which can be decorated with colored paper according to the decoration colors.

Minnie Mouse Favor ideas


To decorate the main table you can add black plates with smaller black paper circles for the ears and a pink paper bow in the center, also you can choose black cutlery so they can be decorated with pink napkins, and adding small Minnie Mouse faces on them.

Minnie Mouse main table


A good idea is to print a good set of molds to create different decorations in paper such as stickers for cups, or wall decorations.  If you are going to offer small bottles, the top of them can be decorated with small Minnie Mouse ears made of foamy or thick paper, and also adding a cute little pink ribbon attached to it.

Minnie Mouse cake ideas


You can also create fabulous Minnie Mouse Birthday Party caps adding two black circles to the top of them and a bow in the center. And let’s not forget about the cake, it can be as easy as baking a rounded shape cake and two smaller more for the ears, you can also find some molds in stores with the Minnie Mouse shape, so you only have to decorate it with frost.

Minnie Mouse can be also present in the snacks, you can make sandwiches with the silhouette of the face, and preparing easy cookies pops with Oreo, chocolate rounded pieces for the ears, and cute little ribbon bows.

Minnie Mouse incredible invitations

Don't forget that you can create incredible invitations with our original designs


you can find original design of Minnie Mouse Birthday invitations

invitation_minniemouse_1 minnie_mickey_mouse_invitation

We recommend search 1000 images about Minnie Mouse Party Ideas on Pinterest. The creative that are our ideas will surprise you.


Best Minnie Mouse Birthday Party ideas

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