Paw Patrol birthday cake for your children´s party


When it comes to your children´s birthday party the selected theme for the celebration is quite important, giving the corresponding characteristics and colors to the festivity, including of course the cake. Regarding to this specific matter, we are going to give you excellent ideas on a Paw Patrol birthday cake, picking great designs related to this animated show as selected party theme.

Since, when it comes to birthday cake design creativity and imagination are the limit, we practically can do anything; from a big one level cake to a construction with several levels, colors and flavors. Of course, a Paw Patrol birthday cake definitely must have certain common characteristics, which are going to be directly related to the animated show.

The perfect cake for a Paw Patrol birthday party

To begin with, a Paw Patrol theme party should have certain common elements from the animated show, such as related characters as Sam´s club or Skye. Also, the corresponding puppies, bones, police patrols, footprints and others cannot be missed in the celebration design. Well, the same thing happens with a Paw Patrol birthday cake; all these elements are definitely needed.

1Paw Patrol Rubble Cake

2Paw Patrol Skey cake

3 Paw Patrol birthday cake

4Paw Patrol birthday cake for Girl

5 Marshall Cake

6Skye Cake

image: flickr

7Original Paw Patrol cake

8Cake Design

Image: Forgoodnesscakes

9Angelina Marina Cake


10Pastel Colours birthday cake

Image: theenchantingcake

11Rubble working with m&m chocolate

Image: flickr

12Marshall and Chase birthday cake

Image: Mihaela

13Paw Patrol shield cake

Image: jennywenny

14Skye Cake with bone shape

Image: eatcakeofindy


15 Footprints cake Decorations


16Paw Cake

Image: cleverlittlecupcakes

17Cake shield

image: letortediclara



Image: jennywenny



Image: lindienet





In fact, all of these little details are going to be the ones that bring the cake to life, shaping it into the party´s theme being in this case the Paw Patrol. Son, elements such as bones, footprints and puppies and Sam character are quite necessary.

Now, adding these elements to the cake is not that hard if we plan the cake shape before, giving us a clear idea about what we want to do in first place. Also, finding all the required ingredients for the cake are simple to find on stores like Walmart.

In first place, you can design or choose a bone shaped cake with one level only, being quite easy to do and decorate by only molding it as a big and white bone, drawing footprints and filling the external lines with topper. Of course, you can also add other things such as the Paw Patrol symbol or several other characters of the series, but not giving up on how the bone cake stands out itself.

Several examples for you to choose

On the other hand, if you want to try a more challenging design you can mix different styles. For example, you can do a two level cake with cupcakes between every one of them, giving variety in flavor and design for the final product, standing out creativity and demanding baking and designing techniques, which at the end look quite amazing.

And last but not least, we show you a Paw Patrol cake image where you can see an easy but fun design for boys or girls; a birthday cake shaped in a dog food dish where the dog food are chocolate candy pops, and when you cut the cake you can see an actual chocolate footprint inside, looking quite great and very original.

As you can see, there are many ideas you can take in relation to Paw Patrol birthday cake decorations, being easy and challenging depending on the elements and levels you want to add, but looking all of them great no matter how hard they result to do.


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