Paw Patrol Birthday

My son Harry loves the Paw Patrol so of course, he wanted a possum birthday party fit for a puppy hero. Turning our home into Adventure Bay was easy with official Paw Patrol Birthday gear and some super cool DIY ideas I put together with supplies from Walmart.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

First, we had to round up all of the pups for the party with these custom Paw Patrol invitations we sent to all of Kayden's friend.


We included official tattoos in the envelopes for guests to wear as official party badges, for some extra fun I added a splash of confetti. On his big day, Harry was all decked out in his party gear a paw patrol baseball hat, watch, and an extra special award ribbon. I got him all at Party City.

Harry's friends were wowed bow wowed when they saw the amazing paw patrol decorations. They got even more excited when we handed out hats wristbands, medals and whistles everyone was ready for a perfect party.

Harry and his puppy pals looked so adorable in their paw patrol gear I just had to take some pics.

This awesome scene Center took center stage framed with these colorful balloon towers it made the perfect puppy backdrop.

Then it was time for some pup park games. first, the kids took turns putting on the blindfold and trying to pin chase his badge back on his uniform in this pin the tail style game.

Everyone’s tales were wagging when they saw the paw patrol piñata. Harry pulled the ribbons until he discovered the one that released the treats the pack rushed in and used their favorite buckets to collect the candy in flavors. After all the fun and games everyone was ready to romp into some cake.

My adventure base table had the party howling with official favors tableware and centerpiece. The chair decorations I made were a big hit - it was easy with streamers, masks and matching colored party tassels.

My Paw Patrol cake made everyone Hal with excitement and Harry loved the official candles, it was fun to watch Harry and all his friends having such a great time at his party.

We couldn't let the pack leave the party with empty paws so when it was time to go we gave everyone a reusable favorite cup filled with official goodies for more fun and games at home.

Harry and his friends have such a great time at his Paw Patrol Party it was an amazing day of friends, fun, laughs and of course Paw Patrol.

Thanks, Party City this paw patrol party really rescued Harry's birthday.

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